Business cases


We provide assistance in organization and successful conduct of negotiations of any level. Thanks to experience of our professionals your transactions and partnership conditions will become more favorable for you. Negotiations organization will allow you to organize a meeting with person/company you are interested in. We will also assume selection and approval of mutually convenient location, timing, format, organization of synchronous interpretation, secretary services arrangements if necessary.

Besides, our independent secretary may keep minutes of the general meeting thus guaranteeing to participants and shareholders unprejudiced and neutral character of decisions made.


Preparation, conditions approval, analysis, verification and adjustment of agreements, amendments (incl. via additional agreements).

Quality analysis of contracts and related risks allows working with already existing contracts. Such analysis is pertinent when changing company management, reorganizing business, etc.

We offer services in preparing international agreements, import-export agreements, supply agreements, sale and purchase agreements, service agreements, contractor agreements, lease agreements, rental agreements, loan agreements, etc.


Business coaching. This is a joint effort to achieve professional and personal goals of the client within his business or organization. In this case a goal might be both business results and indexes improvement and career self-realization of an individual (paired with life coaching).

Personal or life coaching. This case encompasses goal achievement for benefit of individual as a personality. Corporate coaching. Achievement of a set objective or problem solution for the company’s benefit. As a result of corporate coaching we face all-win situation: key employees perceive the prospects consciousness, orientation leads clarity, stronger self-consistency, support of own initiatives. Head of company obtains in his turn loyal, interested, effective teammates. As a result of implementation of corporate coaching profit is increased.

Personal recruitment and selection

Based on your criteria, our specialists will perform recruitment of highly qualified personnel in your industry.

These are quality and professionalism of personnel that ensure timely, effective, and quality performance of functions on the competitive market.

It is team atmosphere as well as ability of effective engagement and interaction between departments or individual authorities that determines overall success of your business.